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How a brand declaration helps you grow

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How a brand declaration helps you grow

Find out how a brand declaration can unite and align an organization.

Like most companies, especially start-ups, Jostle’s workplace culture is evolving and changing as we grow. We’ve been thinking about our brand and culture more deliberately this past year, creating a new brand framework to guide our growth. This framework centres on the idea that workplaces should be extraordinary and how we can make that happen.

Coming off the heels of this, we’ve spent the past three months pinning down what the spirit of Jostle is. The result of this work is The Jostle Declaration. It focuses on three key areas: 

  • our purpose - to build extraordinary workplaces
  • our methodology - a high level of craftsmanship, common sense, and open-mindedness
  • our well-being - the way we work together and treat one another every day

I’m ecstatic to have reached this point in Jostle’s brand journey. It's been a collaborative, engaging, and fun process to explore what makes us tick as a team.

We started with input from every Jostler, so the final result is an honest and grounded representation of who we are collectively. We benefitted from the leadership of our CEO, Brad Palmer, and the enthusiasm and commitment of a group of Jostlers who volunteered to be on our Brand Taskforce.

During this process, we were inspired by many of our customers who share our commitment to being declarative about who they are. These companies are also embracing the notion that brand and workplace culture come to life through their people. A lovely example of this is Heyday - a New York-based company out to change the traditional spa industry. Heyday's delightfully disruptive approach rests on clear mandates for their brand, client experience, and employee culture. They focus on making these aspects of their business live through their people, and have done so from day one.

5 specific benefits of The Jostle Declaration

You may be wondering how our declaration will benefit Jostle as we move forward. Here are five of the key benefits:

  • It sets the benchmark for what's important to us as Jostlers and as a company. This helps guide our work, decisions, teaming, communications, alignment, hiring, and investments.
  • It builds our workplace culture. By understanding who we are, what's important to us, and what we like to achieve together, we can make Jostle an extraordinary workplace for every Jostler.
  • It brings us together. Although we each have our quirks and unique views on the world, the declaration unites and aligns us behind common goals and our purpose.
  • It introduces us to customers, prospects, future Jostlers, investors, and other external stakeholders. It publicly declares what we're all about and provides a transparent and aligned foundation for our external brand.
  • It’s a strong base to launch our next phase of innovation, exploration, and expansion. We’ve got so much more to accomplish for ourselves and our customers!


Along the Jostle journey, we’ve pursued and achieved bold goals for our technology, business, and customers. Our new declaration is another step on this path. It’s a deliberate and open expression of the things that are important to us and helps define our unique culture.

What defines your culture and how do you express it? We'd love to hear all about it. Reach out to us at any time! And if you'd like to learn more about our brand journey and how we created our declaration, get in touch!

Check out the Jostlers in action! 


Bev Attfield

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