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About Deb Lavoy

Will the future of work be the future we want?

By Deb Lavoy | 9 min read

Work is changing and the pace of that change is accelerating. The economy, the more fluid business environment, and many different types of technology are creating and magnifying one another’s impact in a positive feedback loop. But what does this mean for the “Future of Work”?


Trust in the workplace

By Deb Lavoy | 8 min read
Having trust amongst employees is a fundamental part of coexisting and working together harmoniously in an organization. There are different kinds of trust that must be gained in order for this to happen. Trust-based teams perform. Teams distrustful of one another struggle. 

5 observations on the state of employee social networks

By Deb Lavoy | 2 min read
The recent Gilbane Conference convened many different types and sizes of organizations. When they sat at the table and discussed employee social networks (ESNs) there were some remarkable disagreements – and some surprising agreement – about their costs and benefits. We take a look at 5 observations on ESNs coming out of this conference.

Closing the Engagement Gap: 5 ways to show work matters

By Deb Lavoy | 3 min read
Employee engagement depends on people believing they do work that matters. Work that matters to customers and to a larger cause – but first and foremost, work that matters to the company. In this article, we take a look at 5 ways to show employees their work matters to the company.

Your Culture Is About How You Treat People

By Deb Lavoy | 5 min read
Culture is challenging to define, but it comes down to how you treat one another. What holds us back from treating one another well? Fear and hypocrisy. Here are some thoughts on how to overcome them, and why it’s worth it.

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