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About Bev Attfield

Bev Attfield leads brand, customer, and employee experience at Jostle. Bev is passionate about building and sustaining vibrant workplace cultures and understanding what helps people be fulfilled at work. An avid shoestring traveler and trail runner, she finds inspiration off-the-beaten track.

Five for Friday: Finding meaning in work

By Bev Attfield | 1 min read
Finding meaning in your work is crucial. This week's Five for Friday explains why, and offers some tips for turning your job into a meaningful vocation.

5 challenges of teamwork (and how to overcome them)

By Bev Attfield | 8 min read
Improving teamwork means improving connection: to teammates and to a common goal or purpose. Here's how you can improve connection and overcome the challenges of teamwork.

Why you should be yourself at work

By Bev Attfield | 5 min read
Being yourself at work is the first crucial step towards building trust, improving teamwork, and helping create a more authentic workplace experience for all.

Sorry, your company culture doesn't make you unique

By Bev Attfield | 4 min read
Want to stand out from the crowd? Don’t focus on your company culture—it's not that unique. Here are three far more compelling areas to focus on.

Roll out the red carpet: Jostle Awards 2017 winners!

By Bev Attfield | 2 min read
It's time to announce the winners of Jostle Awards 2017! Congratulations to all participants and their workplaces: they truly are extraordinary.

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