People at Work, Ep. 8: Julie Einarson on why authenticity matters

By Bev Attfield

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People at Work, Ep. 8: Julie Einarson on why authenticity matters

Imagine a work environment where you’re able to be your genuine self, where you have room to make mistakes and be vulnerable—and you’re very comfortable with that. Sound too good to be true? Not according to Julie Einarson. Julie is a passionate advocate of authenticity at work, having seen firsthand what this means for herself and those around her.

In this episode of People at Work, Julie discusses what authenticity looks like in the workplace. She uses descriptive analogies and references inspiring leaders to help illustrate not only how to be authentic at work, but also why this matters. Julie goes on to emphasize the role of communication in being authentic as individuals, and how that plays a role in building authentic organizations.

If you’re interested in improving yourself or your workplace, you’ll want to get real with Julie.

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“To be genuinely authentic you not only are able to accept and have a self awareness of yourself, but you accept other people for what they're bringing too.”

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Julie Einarson

Communications and Connections Advisor

About Julie Einarson

Julie has learned from experience that authenticity drives successful teams. She believes organizations that foster authenticity through action and communications accomplish more. Her second favorite word is "possibilities" and she approaches life with gratitude and humor.

Communications and Connections Advisor 



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