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Why enterprise social networks fail
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Why enterprise social networks fail

Enterprise social intranets have a high failure rate. Here’s a look at the key reasons why and some tips on how to make your social intranet succeed.

Enterprise social networks hold much promise, but keeping them work relevant and noise free is hard. Most implementations fail for these reasons:

  • Poor rollout strategies
  • Platform requires tech-savvy users
  • Cluttered social streams
  • Poorly managed social groups
  • Viral, not-work-relevant streams
  • Poor fit to culture or management style
  • Content inadvertently exposed outside org
  • Part of big, complex software suites
  • Poor engagement (low participation)


Want to learn how to dodge these bullets?

Let us show you how!


When properly designed and managed, enterprise social networks can work wonders for organizations of all shapes and sizes. Jostle’s Employee Engagement® platform makes it easy – learn how our customers achieve employee participation rates of over 85%.


Brad Palmer

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