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INFOGRAPHIC - Calculating turnkey intranet ROI

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INFOGRAPHIC - Calculating turnkey intranet ROI

We knew in our hearts that a SaaS, turnkey system saves money and generates ROI, but would it stand up to a rigorous intranet ROI calculation? Yes, it does.

What is the ROI of turnkey intranet software? Companies looking for a new intranet or internal communication and collaboration solutions have a lot to consider. They can build their own, buy a platform for building with. They can buy a system that is configurable, runs on their servers or in the cloud. They can also consider a fully SaaS, turnkey system. We knew from experience that a turnkey system saves money and generally delivers a better user experience than any other option. But would this theory stand up to a rigorous ROI analysis?

Turns out it does. We looked at two main sources of ROI. The first is cost savings compared with common alternatives, especially SharePoint. The hardest part here, of course is trying to actually price SharePoint. This took some work, but we found numbers we are convinced are credible. The second source of ROI is the upside. Few intranets and employee social networks actually gain mainstream adoption and regular use in the organization. What happens when you actually do crack that nut, as we know Jostle does? There’s solid research here as well.

We did the math for a 500-person company with $50 M in revenue. The number is shockingly high. We proudly reveal this infographic that both celebrates the fact that we finally finished this challenging research, and hopefully helps you put our math to work for you. Please let us know if it does!

View the Intranet ROI? Turnkey is best. infographic by JostleCorporation on Slideshare.


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