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If Jostle were an animal...

3 min read

If Jostle were an animal...

We speak with 8 of our favourite customers and learn how Jostle’s brand relates to orangutans, cows and anteaters and I explain why I think Jostle is a Raven.

If Jostle were an animal, what animal would it be? We’ve always taken our brand seriously and it was time to take stock. Were we aligned on what our company represented?

So the four key ‘brand stewards’ within Jostle got together on a Friday afternoon to compare our individual answers to a series of questions designed to draw out how we felt about our brand. What it represented to us.


My animal? A raven: intelligent and clever, inquisitive, sleek and black, curious and fun, consumes anything. And ravens like to peck at large birds flying aimlessly in circles.

Other Jostler picks? A Golden Retriever (twice!) and a cow. Yes a cow! It had something to do with helping great leaders…

The exercise worked. We did have a very unified view of what our brand represented. Then the obvious realization: what really mattered is how our customers perceived our brand. Spirited by the fun of the exercise, we started spontaneously dialing customers. We had great conversations with eight of them. Late on a Friday. Very late for some of them. I love how our customers are always there to help us. Here are their animals, and their reasons why:


grBrandy, from a medium-sized city: “A big, old Golden Retriever, they are eager to please, they are always there, they’re happy to see you, they do their best, they learn from you.” Wow, those were pretty much the same reasons we had picked this grand dog.

Patti, from another medium-sized city: “An anteater.” OK, this is getting interesting.



Andrea, from a medium-sized company operating many car dealerships: “An orangutan [lots of laughter here]… there’s an innovation, you guys are wild, out there… they have their own way of movement, how they move along, how they interact with other orangutans and their children, there’s a connection… how they interact, how they take care… kind of crazy swinging, and doing different things and out there.” OK, this was definitely a fun, interesting exercise.



Amanda from a large purchasing services company in the medical sector: “A chameleon because it has to be able to adapt to different customers, while still maintaining its body. It maintains its same structure; a chameleon never changes its shape but it blends in with its surrounding and changes to adapt but the core remains the same. So you never loose the core functionality, but you have the adaptability.” Our customers so understand why our product works.

We then asked Amanda how this related to our brand; was this different from her perception of our product? “I would say not. Because I find working working with you Jess, and even during the implementation we were able to adapt Jostle to our needs. And even working with you guys, and you guys representing the brand, you come across as adaptable, very open to change, so I would say it applies to both.”

Kate, from a large charity that helps challenged individuals: “A chameleon, just because your logo is so colorful.” Cool. Three dogs. Two chameleons.



Tammy, from a medium-sized financial institution: “A lion because I look at a lion as a leader. Jostle helps us to be leaders amongst our office.” Nice.

Michael, from a medium-sized ad agency: “A tiger… because of the stripes and the patchwork patterns… thinking from a product level... a mix of content, it’s almost like a vase of patterns. It’s kind of nimble; if we have a problem, you guys are there to fix it. And you have the agility of a tiger, as well.”



Grant, from a large aircraft-services company: “A cheetah or panther. The reason I say that because in the six months we have been on Jostle I’ve watched the product development, the product continues to change and morph, and it’s a fairly quick process. I’ve got other software that I use that I would say is like a dinosaur. So that’s why I picked a cat – you guys are so much more agile and nimble, and able to pick your way through a minefield of stuff.”

We work hard to understand and server our customers, which came out strongly in our spirit animals. What an invigorating and rewarding exercise. Jostle on.

Brad Palmer

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