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Listen up! What we’re missing most in work conversations

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Listen up! What we’re missing most in work conversations

Mastering the art of listening should be top of mind for any leader. Learn how active listening can create trust and improve relationships in the workplace.

It's easy to forget there are two equal parts to communication: talking and listening. This is a problem because most of us don't actually know how to listen. That’s almost half of our communications being lost or misinterpreted!

This manifests into a huge problem in the workplace. The quality of our work relationships has a lot to do with listening because it helps create a psychologically safe environment for people to voice their opinions. When employees feel heard, they’re 4.6 times more likely to feel empowered to perform their best work.

In our latest Conversations at Work session, our guests (both listening experts) Oscar Trimboli, Founder of Deep Listening, and Anna Straus, Co-Founder and CEO of Sparck, covered what it means to be heard at work and how leaders can improve the employee experience by learning how to listen.

We geeked out on how our brain works and identified how easily we can get distracted from deep listening. Learn with us the power of silence, demystifying non-verbal cues, and using empathy to understand other people’s experiences through what’s said, and most importantly, what’s not being said.

Listening is powerful. So what can we do to set the right stage for authentic conversations and understand each other more?

Lead with curiosity and leave behind judgment. Ask questions and listen with intent. Take frequent breaks to charge your listening batteries. Tune into the session as we unpack all these great tips and more.

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Whether you’re fully dispersed, remote-first, in the office or somewhere in between, conversation is what ties everyone together in your business. This bi-weekly virtual series opens space for dialog that leads to action in the pursuit of better workplaces. We’ll explore how conversation shapes culture, creates connection, and helps leaders lead. We all have a voice—let’s come together and then get to work.


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