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9 tips to improve your hiring process

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9 tips to improve your hiring process

A proper hiring process can help you to attract new talent and keep the best employees. Read on to find out how you can improve your hiring process. 

A hiring process is a step-by-step method that can be used to recruit new employees. An efficient hiring process will enable you to attract and keep high-quality employees that will buy into your company values. 

Different companies will have elements of the hiring process that are very specific to them. However, there are some general steps any business can follow to hire skilled and qualified candidates:

  • Write a job description and make sure it matches the job requirements.
  • Advertise for the position to reach job applicants, or source from your referral program.
  • Review resumes, cover letters and written applications.
  • Carry out a short interview by phone.
  • Reach out for extended in-person interviews (or do a conference call). 
  • Send out relevant assessments. 
  • Do a background check and check references. 
  • Decide on the best applicant.
  • Offer them the job!
  • Hire the best candidate and then provide them with onboarding training.

There are many mistakes you can make when scouting and interviewing new talent. With the proper hiring and onboarding protocols in place, you will be sure to attract the best new employees. Let’s take a look at some critical aspects to consider during the recruiting process.


1. Build a strong brand

In a saturated market, you need to think about what makes you stand out as a company. Building a solid brand that conveys your company values will attract top talent. According to reports, more than 75% of professional workers aren’t necessarily looking for new jobs but are open to opportunities. Building a strong employer brand will attract these “passive candidates” to your company. A trusty reputation will mean that you won’t have to recruit actively—people will seek out job opportunities with your company, and you'll be flooded with applications. 


2. Write clear and attractive job ads

When writing job ads, it’s essential to provide specific job requirements to ensure candidates with the right skill sets apply. Don’t make the descriptions too long. Use straightforward job titles, and get to the point. 

You can also promote your company and highlight the ways that the job will benefit the applicant. This will ensure that you get the best candidates. Be sure to use language that is clear and concise and doesn’t overcomplicate things. 


3. Evaluate candidates effectively

To effectively evaluate candidates, it’s essential to structure your job interviews well. Ask relevant questions that will tell you whether the candidate is up to the job. “Magical” questions, such as “What would you do if you were God for a day?”, may not tell you much that is useful.

It’s crucial to review candidates' work samples and assignments. You may want to try testing the best candidates. You could offer them a paid trial assignment to see how they implement their skills and knowledge. It’s an extra expense, but it may prove invaluable.


4. Act quickly and efficiently

The best job candidates won’t be on the market for long. Top candidates are hired within ten days, so it’s essential to move quickly or adopt an efficient applicant tracking system. If you are interested in a specific candidate, be sure to follow up with them promptly.

You can provide them with more information about the job posting and perks. Be sure to answer any questions or concerns they might have promptly. Be sure to keep them updated throughout the application process, so you stay on their radar. 


5. Embrace social media

Most people want to work for companies keeping up with the digital world and the latest tech trends. Business management software or trial HR software could help your company to run more efficiently. 

Today, organizations increasingly use social media to showcase their company culture or carry out background checks on potential candidates. This will give you more information on what they are really like as a person and employee.


6. Enhance candidate experience

Several things can be done to ensure that candidates enjoy the application process with your company. Try to shorten the process and focus on what is essential. Make sure all websites and career pages are up to date. 

Guide your hiring managers; they're the key touchpoint for every candidate your organization engages with.  During the interview process, communicate well and keep candidates in the loop about where they stand. It’s important to be friendly, genuine, informative, and honest. You can also let candidates interview you. Let them ask questions about the company and try to give truthful answers. 


7. Fit the personality to the job

Skills and experience are obviously important to consider in any candidate. However, thinking about their personality and how well they will fit the role is also essential. Skills can be learned, but personality traits are more difficult to change.

The personality traits that will be important will depend on the nature of the role and the culture of the company. Empathy, for instance,  would be a lot more important for a nurse or social worker than for a computer programmer or accountant. 


8. Make your work culture transparent

If you want to hire candidates who will be well suited to the role, it’s essential to be transparent about what it will be like to work for your company. Don’t sell false promises. If you work in a highly competitive environment, then make it clear.

Do you expect your employees to be good team members? Do you expect them to work overtime? Ensure that you make your essential values clear to applicants.


9. Networking

Networking is essential in any business. If you want to hire the best candidates, find some events that they are likely to attend and use the opportunity to hunt for new talent. Networking events are great for connecting prospective employers and employees.

These kinds of events will connect you with all kinds of potential employees. You may even meet people who offer services you didn’t even know you needed. They are a great chance to connect with, and learn from, other professionals. 


10. Conclusion 

Becoming a magnet for the top talent in business is no easy task. However, implementing the 9 simple recruitment tips outlined here should help you get off to a great start. 


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