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How to create an inspiring workplace

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How to create an inspiring workplace

The physical space you work in can affect everything from communication to productivity. This infographic has some great tips on how to make your workplace more inspiring.

The physical space you work in can have a big impact on communication, teamwork, and productivity. Research from Herman Miller shows that workspaces need to evolve to support the collaboration required for fast-moving businesses today.

Your workplace should support the needs of your teams. Consider your office space and ask yourself what could be done to encourage impromptu huddles for productive conversation, accessibility to knowledge experts, and semi-permanent spaces for group projects. 

Check out this infographic from Ghergich & Co.  and Cubicle Concepts for inspiration. 

Create inspiring workplace in 2017 

Don’t have capacity to change your workspace just yet?See how an intranet can help you

Hannah Price

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