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Five for Friday: Workplace Courage

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Five for Friday: Workplace Courage

Feeling courageous? Today's Five for Friday is all about why courage matters in the workplace.

We often forget the important role courage plays in practically every facet of the workplace. Leading people, acting on new ideas, taking risks, having someone’s back—all of these require courage. It’s not a logical leap by any means to say that courage is absolutely fundamental to growth, change, and yes, even survival.

So the question is: how can we learn to be more courageous at work? Or better yet, how do we create a workplace in which courage isn’t necessary? This week’s articles take a deeper dive into how courage plays out in the workplace, and offers some tips on how to strengthen that backbone.

1. @btreasurer, arguing that courage is the first virtue of organizational performance, explains how courage crops up all the time in the modern workplace.

2. @BreneBrown offers up some helpful advice on how to practice daring leadership.

3. @Jared_Narlock, writing in Forbes, argues that courage, candor, and change are essential to improving employee engagement.

4. James R. Detert, in @HarvardBiz, offers some practical advice for cultivating everyday courage.

5. @CassLeeGoodman explains why leaders must find the courage to be more vulnerable.

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Corey Moseley

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