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Five for Friday: Work life balance

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Five for Friday: Work life balance

Achieving work life balance is a difficult endeavor for many people. In this week's Five for Friday, we explore this tricky balancing act further.

Work life balance is a term that people tend to interpret differently. Some see this balance as the act of managing two opposing forces while others interpret it as the coexistence of two complementary parts of our identity. Here are some interesting insights on this concept.

1. In this @HarvardBiz article by @NanetteFondas, a study shows that employees’ work-family conflicts can be resolved systematically with a little intervention from management.

2. @DinaVard breaks down the Yin and Yang philosophy of managing life and work for @HuffPostCanada.

3. Work life balance is more than just a set of workplace policies, says @susandominus. In this @nytimes article, the issue is framed in terms of rethinking workplace culture at a macro level

4. This piece by @HeyElleCP for @dailymuse gives remote workers three simple tips to manage the blurry line between work and life that comes with working from home. 

5. Achieving work life balance is a struggle for everyone, even for high-achieving, high-income earners, writes @sullivanpaul in this piece for @nytimes


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