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Five for Friday: Toxic workplace


Toxicity at work can stem from many sources, including bullying managers, cliquey colleagues or company protocol. It leads to employee unhappiness, low morale, and poor productivity. In this week's Five for Friday we look at how to spot a toxic influence at work and ways to prevent or overcome it.

  1. @gethppy gives a list of ten things that can lead to dissatisfaction and toxicity at work. 
  2. What are the traits of a toxic person? @SFhelpinghand provides a simple list. 
  3. @MRGottschalk discusses the far-reaching impacts of a toxic employee
  4. @halophoenix gives us a good survival guide for a toxic workplace on @lifehacker.
  5. Think you have a toxic boss? @CIOonline suggests you take these actions. 

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