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Five for Friday: Tired at work

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Five for Friday: Tired at work

If you're feeling tired at work, check out these five tips. They're sure to perk you up!

We all know the feeling; you're at work, eyes drooping, concentration waning. It's fatigue—and it happens to the best of us. But sometimes you don't have time to be tired. You need to perk up and push through to make it to a deadline. In this week's Five for Friday, we've got five eye-opening tips to keep you bolt upright until bedtime (or at least 6pm). 

  1. One way to get pumped up is with a lunchtime workout. If you're not feeling motivated, check out Aaptiv's free trial! 
  2. Stay fuelled with energy-loaded snacks. You can even get snack delivered to your office door with companies like @snacknation.
  3. A fan of energy drinks? Why not try an energy scentSounds strange, but it works! 
  4. Don't have time to get out of the office? Get your blood flowing with yoga at your desk.
  5. High stress levels put a strain on energy levels. Refocus with a 10-minute guided meditation app from Headspace.

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Hannah Price

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