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Five for Friday: Apr 29, 2016 / Teams

Posted by Bev Attfield | 1 min read


Companies run on the work of teams. But some teams do much, much better than others, and it's extremely hard to predict which is which. We're learning more about how to unlock the magic of teams and what they can accomplish.

  1. The US presidential election is in the news. This article in @politico talks about how one leading candidate worked with her team when things were not going well.
  2. Google studied one hundred teams to figure out what makes great ones tick. Their findings, broken down in this piece from the Sunday New York Times written by Pulitzer Prize winning author @cduhigg, is worth every word.
  3. Want a better functioning team? Add women. This article in @TheAtlantic by Senior Editor @dkThomp breaks down the scientific research that supports this claim
  4. We admire nearly everything that comes out of the MIT Media Lab, and this primer on the when and how of Data Science Teams by @drewwww is no exception.
  5. This @inc article by @jeff_haden is a manager's one-stop-shop on how to manage great teams.


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