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Five for Friday: Emotional intelligence at work
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Five for Friday: Emotional intelligence at work

Emotional intelligence is a key part of building a productive workplace. Here are 5 articles that discuss the role of emotional intelligence at work.

We’ve been talking about how trust is key in the workplace and that human emotion is a critical part of building that trust. How do we cultivate a workplace environment where human emotions are valued? Emotional intelligence is most definitely a key part of the process. Here are five articles that discuss the role of emotional intelligence at work.

  1. @Advance_Systems examine the importance of emotional intelligence in the future of work.
  2. How to look for emotional intelligence when hiring. You can’t use a test, says @anniemckee in @harvardbiz.
  3. Like any skill or technology, emotional intelligence can be used for good – or not. Read this one carefully as @AdamMGrant covers the dark side of emotional intelligence in @TheAtlantic.
  4. This @medium article by @taitsao covers the emotional intelligence of teams. Cultivate it and you’ll have magic in your hands.
  5. A simple how-to on how to increase your own emotional intelligence. Respecting the role of emotions and humans in the workplace is the underlying theme of most of the advice in this @Inc article by @JustinJBariso.


Five for Friday is a weekly snapshot of ideas, research, and leading thinking around the web on the topics of corporate culture, internal communication, employee engagement, teamwork, and building better workplaces. Share, connect, and enjoy!


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Andrea Nazarian

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