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Five for Friday: Take charge

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Five for Friday: Take charge

This week's Five for Friday is all about taking charge of your career and day-to-day work life.

Sometimes, daily work life can leave you feeling... a bit stuck. If you don't feel like you're achieving things - like smashing through milestones or learning new skills - work can become monotonous or even suffocating. This week's Five for Friday articles are all about turning that situation around; helping you take charge and get your mojo back! 

  1. @workingoutloud explains that there's only one thing holding you back - it's you.
  2. This exercise from @HuffingtonPost will help you discover the influence of others in your life. 
  3. Want to do something you love but are scared of the risk? @Forbes has a plan.
  4. If you're feeling trapped at work@dailymuse has five ways to overcome that. 
  5. @MRGottschalk recommends bringing positive psychology to start an upward spiral!

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Hannah Price

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