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Five for Friday: Staying organized

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Five for Friday: Staying organized

Staying organized during busy times can be tricky, but that's when you need it most! This week's Five for Friday is here to help.

During busy times, it's tricky to stay organized. Routines slip and lists get abandoned (which can lead to lower productivity or tasks getting missed). This week's Five for Friday is here to help. We've got some great organization hacks to help you stay on task. 

  1. Stop multi-tasking! It's a myth. Find out more from @PsychToday.
  2. Organized doesn't always mean neat says @TimHarford via @TEDTalks.
  3. Start the day right with an excellent morning routine says @successmagazine.
  4. Don't waste time preparing lunch each day, get it done in advance says @Simplemostsite.
  5. Use the 80-20 rule to organize tasks and power-up your productivity says @thebalance

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Hannah Price

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