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Five for Friday: People or strategy first?

Posted by Bev Attfield | 1 min read


Culture eats strategy for breakfast,” is a famous quotation attributed to business management guru Peter Drucker. This idea has become the topic of much debate as the business world seeks to understand which is more important: culture (aka people) or strategy? In today's Five for Friday we take a look at five perspectives on this contentious question.

  1.  bets on people before strategy with six ways HR can help business leaders overcome current business challenges.
  2. Culture does not trump strategy, rather they work together to enhance the success of one another, suggests @mikemyatt in @forbes.
  3. Ram Charan, Dominic Barton, and Dennis Carey look at a new role for the CHRO where people come before strategy in this piece with @HarvardBiz.
  4. Is culture versus strategy a false choice? Yes, says @OffsitesGuy in @FastCompany.
  5. @talentsmarteq suggests the answer to people versus results requires a balanced approach in his article for @HuffPostBiz.


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