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Five for Friday: Our CEO's insights

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Five for Friday: Our CEO's insights

In this week's Five for Friday we've got five choice articles from Jostle's CEO, Brad Palmer.

Each Friday, we spotlight one workplace topic and share five of our favourite relevant articles. Our gem of a CEO, Brad Palmer, will often forward me a handful of articles throughout the week as inspiration for these features. I enjoy gaining insight into what catches his attention as a leader. In this week's Five for Friday, I'm sharing my favourite Brad picks. Enjoy!

  1. Trust in leadership is essential. @SusanMazza has nine great ways for leaders to earn trust.  
  2. Engage talented individuals with great advice from @tnvora.
  3. Brilliant insights on collaboration from @andrew_innosis via @cmswire.
  4. A short and sweet article on the importance of role clarity from @LeadersServe.
  5. When does corporate culture need to change? Find out with real-life examples, care of @torbenrick.

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Hannah Price

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