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Five for Friday: Our CEO's insights

Posted by Hannah Price | 1 min read


Each Friday, we spotlight one workplace topic and share five of our favourite relevant articles. Our gem of a CEO, Brad Palmer, will often forward me a handful of articles throughout the week as inspiration for these features. I enjoy gaining insight into what catches his attention as a leader. In this week's Five for Friday, I'm sharing my favourite Brad picks. Enjoy!

  1. Trust in leadership is essential. @SusanMazza has nine great ways for leaders to earn trust.  
  2. Engage talented individuals with great advice from @tnvora.
  3. Brilliant insights on collaboration from @andrew_innosis via @cmswire.
  4. A short and sweet article on the importance of role clarity from @LeadersServe.
  5. When does corporate culture need to change? Find out with real-life examples, care of @torbenrick.

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