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Five for Friday: Optimism

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Five for Friday: Optimism

How does optimism impact your workplace and what should you do about it? Find out in this week's Five for Friday.

The impact of optimism in the workplace is astonishing. In this week's articles, we find out that optimism leads to innovation, happiness, healthiness, and higher levels of overall success. And, if you're not an optimist but want to be one, you can find out how to do that too. Enjoy! 

  1. Here's how optimism breeds innovation, from @carminegallo.
  2. @TheShawnMurphy gives 10 tips for creating an optimistic workplace. 
  3. Being an optimist has its benefits. @raisinghappines tells us more
  4. Are you sure you're an optimist? Find out with this quiz from @quizony.
  5. Learn how to reframe your outlook with this insightful article from @PsychToday.

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Hannah Price

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