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Five for Friday: Office space

Posted by Hannah Price | 1 min read


Working environments have a big impact on employees. Open plan can be too noisy. A sea of cubicles can inhibit communication. Offices that are too messy, too sterile, or too cramped can have an array of negative repercussions. This Five for Friday, we're exploring all things 'office space' and providing some much-needed insights. 

  1. Not sure why office space is such a big deal? Here's how it impacts employee engagement.
  2. Here's the good and bad about open offices from @tapneal via @Forbes.
  3. Discover the benefits of relocating offices from @businessdotcom.
  4. What's better: a clear or cluttered desk? Research from @psychscience has clear insights. 
  5. Great tips on building inspiring workplaces in this infographic from @SEO and @cubicleman.

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