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Five for Friday: Negotiating salary
Illustration by Tiffany Tsai

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Five for Friday: Negotiating salary

Negotiating your salary has a huge impact on how much you'll earn over the course of your career. But it can be a challenge, to say the least. Here are some excellent tips and tricks to help you out.

You’ve received an offer of employment—congratulations! All those interviews paid off! Take a moment to celebrate before you start thinking about the next crucial step in your employment journey: salary negotiation.

It’s a tricky subject, but negotiating a salary that’s fair to you (as well as to your future employer) is something you should always aim for, even when it seems like there’s no wiggle room. This week’s Five for Friday articles provide some valuable advice on how to successfully negotiate a better salary.

  1. @ECMcLaughlin explains why you should always, always, always negotiate your salary.
  2. According to a recent survey, 68% of women didn’t negotiate their salary. Here’s @iamwellandgood with some important negotiation advice for women.
  3. @Forbes lays out the ten things you should never (ever) say in a salary negotiation.
  4. Want a list of salary negotiation tips? @TheMuse compiled a massive list of 37.
  5. @msheathermills brilliantly outlines exactly why you should think of salary as one component in your whole compensation package negotiation.

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