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Five for Friday: Millennials in the workplace

Posted by Corey Moseley | 1 min read


Because millennial workers now outnumber other generations, we hear a lot about how companies must adapt to the “needs of millennials.” And on one level, that makes sense: in order to attract and engage their workforce, employers must cater to their employees’ needs.

But a lot of commentators claim that millennials’ needs derive from their alleged laziness, sense of entitlement, and unhealthy obsession with social media. This week’s Five for Friday takes a closer look at these common myths and stereotypes, and investigates whether millennials are more nuanced than some give them credit for.

  1. Writing in @Dazed, Jake Hall deconstructs a popular viral video that relies on the “trophy generation” trope to make claims about an entire generation of workers.
  2. Interviewing with Transform, organizational consultant @WeAreInvati offers insight to employers who think of millennials as entitled and lazy.
  3. @EvelineKramers outlines some popular stereotypes about millennials and explains why they just don’t add up.
  4. @MarcelSchwantes explains that millennials' needs aren’t that different from previous generations. In fact, they want many of the same things.
  5. Writing in Harvard Business Review, @skgreen uses empirical data to show that millennials are actually workaholics.


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