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Five for Friday: Love in the workplace

Posted by Andrea Nazarian | 1 min read


Love and dating in the workplace can often be a contentious issue. Some believe that workplace relationships can improve productivity while others believe it can lead to distraction and unnecessary drama at work. The way companies deal with workplace relationships is often reflective of their corporate culture as well. In today’s Five for Friday, we explore five different takes on love in the workplace and its impact on organizations.

1. @davidmizne believes love at the office can actually improve your workplace culture in his article for @15Five.

2. Working at your company is just like dating your company and your colleagues. @MrLeonardKim explains how to nurture and grow these relationships in his article for @Inc

3. Employees who feel love at work perform better, say Sigal Barsade and Olivia A. O’Neill in this @HarvardBiz piece.

4. @HalleyBock outlines the four reasons why office romance isn’t so bad in her article for @businessinsider.

5. This article by @joeissid for @MonsterCa shows that studies reveal inter-office relationships are far more beneficial than once believed.


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