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Five for Friday: Listening

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Five for Friday: Listening

This week's Five for Friday is all about listening and why it's so important in the workplace.

When I was growing up, my dad would say: You have two ears and one mouth. He was suggesting that I try to listen twice as much as I talk. It was great advice, but the amount you listen is just one quality of a good listener. These five resources deep dive into the other details.

  1. A fantastic TEDx Talk on listening and communicating from @CelesteHeadlee.
  2. 10 steps to effective listening from @Forbes.
  3. Here's why a good boss listens first, from @jmbrandonbb.
  4. Your body language can make it appear like you're not listening, say @Mind_Tools.
  5. Ever get the feeling people don't listen to you@DeepakChopra explains why that may be.

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Hannah Price

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