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Five for Friday: Kindness

Posted by Hannah Price | 1 min read


We need more kindness in the workplace, more than ever before. An astonishing 40% of workers are afraid to be civil at work because they fear others will take advantage of them. This breeds more incivility, which leads to less information sharing, and higher risks of burnout. Cut through this downward spiral with these five articles. 

  1. Not sure niceness is necessary? Here's an eye-opening article from @nytimes.
  2. Pay it forward with these random acts of kindness from @thebalance.
  3. Just don't be so nice that you burnout says @marciasirota via @Huffington.
  4. How to be kind when you don't feel like it, from @tinybuddha.
  5. If you're a leader, be wary of setting trends that lead to unkindness says @JenniferVMiller.

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