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Five for Friday: Keeping good people

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Five for Friday: Keeping good people

New research shows that engagement and retention are core concerns for business leaders today. Here are five articles with ideas on how to retain good people.

New research via Deloitte reveals retention and engagement are key concerns for 86% of business leaders. And for good reason. The competition for talent is fierce and the replacement cost of lost skills and knowledge is high. Furthermore, employees are more demanding about lifestyle balance, more informed about compensation, and more discerning about aligning personal and workplace values. The pressure is on for employers to find ways to keep good people. Here are five articles with ideas on how to overcome this critical problem.

  1. @talentsmarteq looks at eight bad mistakes that make good people leave in his article for @forbes
  2. Start retaining your people before they're at the door, suggests @jasonlk with these five tips via @Inc.
  3. Tight budget? No problem. @salesforce has some creative ideas for keeping good people if your retention dollars are limited.
  4. @bizzwriter outlines an essential five-step action plan for hanging on to the lifeblood of your company. 
  5. @SusanHeathfield shares her top 10 tips to retain your great employees via @thebalance.


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