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Five for Friday: Get a raise
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Five for Friday: Get a raise

This week's Five for Friday helps you figure out how to get a raise.

Do you deserve a raise? Even if you know you do, it can be a hard topic to approach. You don't want to appear greedy or out of line, but... you also don't want to feel undervalued. That can breed resentment. This week's Five for Friday will help you find out if you need a raise and handle the delicate topic of asking for one. 

  1. Not sure you're paid enough? @TheMuse offers four ways to find out
  2. @FastCompany has advice on what to do if your teammate makes more money than you
  3. @Forbes has tips from real managers on the best way to ask for a raise. 
  4. Here are nine big no-nos when asking for a raise, from @businessinsider.
  5. 13 real examples of why bosses have given raises, from @Biz_Collective.

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