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Five for Friday: Flexible work

Posted by Hannah Price | 1 min read


As we move into a more connected and digital age, it's becoming easier to work flexible hours or work remotely. However, there are many unknowns and questions surrounding this shift, including concerns for structure, productivity, and practical application. This week, we’ve chosen five articles that delve into each of these issues and more.

  1. @flexjobs takes a comprehensive look at the desire for flexible work options and the benefits it reaps for company and employee alike.
  2.  A complete list of the advantages and disadvantages of flexible work schedules from @SusanHeathfield.
  3.  @guardian lists five things to consider before implementing flexible working hours.
  4. Useful tips on managing a flexible workforce from @CordantPeople.
  5. @cbrooks76 offers advice on how to successfully launch a flexible working arrangement

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