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Five for Friday: Feedback

Posted by Andrea Nazarian | 1 min read


In every organization, feedback is an integral part of relationship building, goal setting, and project management. Knowing how to effectively give feedback is also just as important as knowing how to receive and process feedback. The feedback process is not always an easy one either, as emotions and politics can often get involved. This week, we look at some influential thought leadership on this tricky two-way street.

1. In her article for @HarvardBiz, Jennifer Porter explains how to give feedback when your organization is considered “nice.”

2. @michaelsolomonx breaks down the very tricky task of communicating negative feedback to your boss in his piece for @HuffingtonPost.

3. Presentation coach @acting4sales draws her advice on effectively taking feedback from her experience as a theatre actor in this article for @B2Community

4. Giving feedback to resistant or defensive employees is never easy. In his piece for @PB_News, Dave Conrad explains how to give feedback when it isn't wanted.  

5. Four critically important rules for giving and receiving feedback from female entrepreneur Megan Matt for @Forbes.


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