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Five for Friday: Employee opinion
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Five for Friday: Employee opinion

In today's Five for Friday we look at what your employees really think about you and how to influence it.

Do you ever have a sneaking suspicion your employees don’t like you? Maybe they seem to avoid eye contact or go quiet when you walk past their desk? If employees don't like or respect their managers, it can affect communication, productivity, retention, and quality of work. In this week's Five for Friday, we help you discover how your employees really feel about you and what you can do to influence it.

  1. Looking for clues? @JacquelynVSmith gives 14 things to look for in an employee who doesn't like you.
  2. @fearlessjen shows us how employees behave around a bad manager.
  3. Here are 10 reasons why employees don’t respect their manager from @jaysondemers.
  4. You’re a passionate manager and believe in your company, but your employees don’t seem to. @HumanNatureWork explains why and what you can do about it.
  5. On the upside, @betheverb_ has given eight tips to rally camaraderie and make your employees love you

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