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Five for Friday: Eliciting questions

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Five for Friday: Eliciting questions

Getting your team to ask questions during Q&A sessions can be a chore sometimes. Here are five articles with advice on how to elicit questions and gain important feedback from your people.

Getting your team to participate in Q&A sessions or ask questions in meetings is hugely important for gaining valuable feedback. And it also gives you a chance to provide clarity around tasks and objectives. But what do you do if opening up the floor for questions is met with the sound of crickets chirping?

This is a common occurrence in the workplace, but it doesn’t have to be the norm. This week’s Five for Friday articles offer up some great tips on how to make your team feel more comfortable about asking questions.

  1. @araskin shares some overheard advice about the late Steve Jobs’ secret for eliciting questions.
  2. @quizbean explains why new employees are hesitant to ask questions (and how to encourage them to take the leap).
  3. @TanveerNaseer provides tips for leaders to get teams asking the right questions.
  4. @selenarezvani recognizes that how you respond to tough questions can encourage or discourage your team to speak up.
  5. How about handling a challenging Q&A session? Here are 9 tips from @eholtzclaw.

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