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Five for Friday: Your ego at work

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Five for Friday: Your ego at work

Most people don't realize when their ego is a problem. Find out if yours is (and how to tame it) in this week's Five for Friday.

Oh, your ego. It's what makes you unique. Special. But when it gets out of control—when it inflates beyond healthy proportions—it will get in your way. Deafening you to wise ideas and blinding you to impartiality. Here are five articles to help you keep it in check. 

  1. If you don't think you've got an ego issue, @People_Equation's article is for you. 
  2. @FastCompany gives advice on how to keep your ego in check when you're under pressure.
  3. How big is your ego? Take the test from @sophia!
  4. @Forbes has a precautionary tale for leaders on ego's deafening powers.
  5. 14 signs your ego is out of control from @MadameNoir.

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Hannah Price

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