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How do you decorate your egg? (And what it says about your work)

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How do you decorate your egg? (And what it says about your work)

Five different personality types that surface when you decorate eggs at your office.

I'm currently typing with paint under my fingernails and a smile on my face. We celebrated Easter at our office this morning—there were croissants to eat and eggs to decorate. As I tried my best to not dip my paintbrush in my coffee, I noticed the difference in everyone's approach. And pondered how that reflects on their approach to work generally. Here are the personalities that shone through. 

  1. The Experimenter. This guy or girl is learning by doing. And they're doing a lot. They're dipping eggs in different dyes. They're layering on colours. There's sponge work, brush work, and even stickers. The results of their efforts are mixed, but whether they're happy or not, they're moving on to the next project with new knowledge and new ideas. 

  2. The Meticulous Thinker. This person is a slow starter. They sit for minutes, scanning the landscape of materials before making a move. They're mapping out the design in their head before they even begin, and they stop at regular intervals to reassess. Then, when they're done, that's it. They're done.

  3. The One Who Can't Let Go. This person often works on a design for just a little too long. They layer on different dyes and different effects. Things may look good for a while, but it can start to go south. But, this person isn't moving on to the next project. They're sticking with this one until it's "fixed". Even if that means it ends up being just a brown painted egg.

  4. The Watcher. Before jumping into their own work, this person scans the others at the table. They're looking to see what everyone else is doing, waiting for the outcome, then reflecting if they want to do the same. After they've seen a few successes or failures, they're inspired (and informed) on how to tackle their own project. 

  5. The Talker. This person wants to chat about the task at hand. What are you guys going to do? Who's actually done this before? They're not necessarily unsure of what to do, they just feel this is a team activity. Even though their design is their own personal project, they want to garner the group's knowledge before moving forward.

Do any of these resonate with you? Let us know in the Comments section below!

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