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Five for Friday: Easter

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Five for Friday: Easter

This week's Five for Friday has five interesting Easter related topics!

For many countries, Easter is a time when family and loved ones gather together, hunt for eggs, and eat too much chocolate. In the spirit of this celebration, we've gathered an egg-lectic mix of five Easter related articles. Enjoy! 

  1. A bunny brings us chocolate eggs. What's that about? 
  2. But, Flopsy isn't responsible for these 30 cool easter eggs embedded in classic movies
  3. Easter Island is famous for giant heads, not eggs. But, it was discovered on Easter Day 1722. 
  4. Here are 10 cool facts about the world-famous Faberge eggs.
  5. Enough about eggs. It's eggs-hausting. Why not try some aromatic hot cross buns instead?

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Hannah Price

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