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Five for Friday: Creativity and creatives

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Five for Friday: Creativity and creatives

In this week's Five for Friday, we're discussing how to nurture both creativity and creatives in the workplace.

Creativity is often a highly-lauded trait in employees - it's associated with out-of-the-box thinking and innovative solutions. Yet, interestingly, people who have highly creative jobs ("creatives") often get a bad rap. In this week's Five for Friday we're discussing both creativity and creatives, and how to nuture them in the workplace. 

  1. How to unleash creativity in the workplace by @hongkiat.
  2. Work productively with creatives with these tips from @lifehacker.
  3. If you want to encourage creativity, reduce stress says @MultiView.
  4. @HarvardBiz has great tips on managing creative people.
  5. Not sure you can boost your own creativity? Check out this article from @NautilusMag.

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Hannah Price

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