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Five for Friday: Conflict at work
Illustration by Justin Alm

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Five for Friday: Conflict at work

In today's Five for Friday we look at conflict at work and how to resolve it.

Conflict is a common occurrence in the workplace. It can manifest in small disagreements over project tasks or in an ongoing clash of personalities and preferences. It's hard, if not impossible, to find a workplace in which everyone agrees on everything all of the time. The result: conflict. In this week's Five for Friday, we're looking at conflict at work and ways in which you can productively resolve it. 

  1. Can't we just ignore conflict until it goes away? No. @thebalance explains why resolution is key and how to have the courage achieve it. 
  2. Conflict: how to spot it, when to get involved, and how to resolve it by @recruiting.
  3. @mikemyatt addresses conflict from a leadership perspective. If you can't beat it, embrace it.
  4. @NDBusiness gives six simple and clear tips for resolving conflict at work.
  5. @HR_Council has a deep look at different conflict styles and when they should be applied

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