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Five for Friday: Collaboration

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Five for Friday: Collaboration

Collaboration in the workplace has innumerable benefits. Check out all you need to know in this Five for Friday.

If you want to improve workplace collaboration, buying a collaboration tool is a step in the right direction. But it's not the answer. Good technology can enable collaboration, but it can't make it happen. That's all down to how you—and the rest of your colleagues—use the tech. This week's Five for Friday covers all this (and more), to help you make the most of collaboration at work. 

  1. @SmartDraw clearly defines collaboration, and gives three useful tips to bear in mind. 
  2. Great technology will aid collaboration, but it's all about how you use it says @dpontefract.
  3. Collaboration doesn't mean always saying yes. @OpenViewVenture explains when to say no
  4. @TrainingJournal has a short and sweet article on the unexpected benefits of collaboration.
  5. Here's an actionable piece (from us) on how to improve teamwork and collaboration.

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Hannah Price

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