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Five for Friday: Christmas movies

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Five for Friday: Christmas movies

This Five for Friday gives you what you really want at this time of year - a list of five Christmas movies to watch this holiday weekend.

Well folks, the big day is almost here - Christmas is just two sleeps away! At this very moment, many of you are wrapping up work and cracking on with a weekend of festivities. The last thing on your mind is problem solving an issue at work. We're in the same boat. In our Five for Friday this week, we're sharing five of our favourite Christmas movies with you. What are yours?

  1. Home Alone. Childhood nostalgia abounds! Macaulay Culkin plays a little scamp who defends his otherwise empty family home from a pair of pesky thieves.   
  2. White Christmas. An absolute classic. Bing Crosby's dulcet tones are enough to make anyone swoon in this comical, soft-hearted musical. 
  3. Love Actually. A myriad of modern day love stories. You will laugh, cry, and want to hold your loved ones close by the time the credits roll. 
  4. Elf. Will Ferrell will make or break this movie for you. If you're a fan, you'll love the hijinks that unfold when his sheltered, childlike Elf character finds himself in a modern Christmas season. 
  5. National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation. The Griswolds are back and dad Clark is keen for it to be the best Christmas yet. Despite his best intentions, everything goes sideways and mayhem ensues. 

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Hannah Price

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