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Five for Friday: Brand

Posted by Hannah Price | 1 min read


Your brand is so much more than your logo or your slogan. It's an expression of who you are as a company. Internally, it should act as a guiding light for employees. Externally, it's your differentiator in the busy and bustling business world. Find out more about building a brand in this week's Five for Friday. 

  1. @MailerLite shows how a great company culture leads to a strong brand. 
  2. Authenticity is key, says @HarvardBiz. Don't try to build a "perfect brand" that isn't you!
  3. @HermanMiller's research summary explores brand and the physical workspace.
  4. @larrykim's infographic shows the role of colour in how consumers consume your brand. 
  5. Want to know how to improve your internal brand? Find out how we did it

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