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Five for Friday: Bored at work

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Five for Friday: Bored at work

This week's Five for Friday is focused on overcoming boredom at work.

Workplace boredom is a drag. Time slows to a snail's pace, the end of the day feels weeks away, and you seriously consider calling in sick tomorrow to avoid doing it all over again. If you've experienced this scenario - due to a lack of work or tedious tasks - this week's Five for Friday will help. We've gathered some excellent tips on how to combat your boredom and make the most of any free time. 

  1. Here are 33 useful ways to advance your career when you're bored, from @dailymuse.
  2. @Forbes explains why millennials seem to get bored easily (and what to do about it). 
  3. A great article by @FastCompany on how to get your creative mojo back when bored. 
  4. From reducing meetings to buying a plant, @lifehacker has 10 great ways to beat boredom
  5. @careercast gives practical steps and real life examples on how to tackle boredom.

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