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Five for Friday: Body language

Posted by Andrea Nazarian | 1 min read


In the workplace, nonverbal cues can sometimes speak louder than our voices. Body language can also be a key indicator of a wide range of emotions between coworkers. Being aware of our body language can help us improve our communication and understand others. Read on for five insightful articles on this "touchy" subject. 

1. @JacquelynVSmith breaks down the 11 most common body language mistakes professionals make at work in her piece for @businessinsider.

2. The link between body language and leadership, as explained by @TimothyAskew in his article for @Inc

3. Five of the most common office body language cues are outlined in this article by @vvanedwards.

4. Your body language can sometimes speak for you in meetings. Read how in this @HarvardBiz article.

5. It's just as important to be aware of your manager's body language as it is your own, explains @CGoman


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