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Emoji fever: Workplace communication revolutionized

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Emoji fever: Workplace communication revolutionized

Find out how Jostle has revolutionized their workplace communication platform this April Fools' Day.

Vancouver, Canada (April 1, 2017) - Jostle Corporation has made a bold and daring update to their cutting-edge intranet software. They've stripped out all written words from the platform and replaced them with emojis. As of today, the only way to communicate on the Jostle® platform will be with the use of emojis and images.

"Emoji fever isn't going away," says Brad Palmer, CEO and co-founder of the Jostle intranet. "It's rising faster than the blood pressure of a Wall Street stock broker. We're changing our platform to match that trend. And we're getting ahead of the curve."

Jostle has been improving workplace communication in organizations around the world for over eight years. In a deeply competitive market, they feel this will separate them from the pack.

"We're distilling communication. Reducing it down to its purest, pixelated form," says Palmer. "It will save so much time and confusion associated with overly verbose language." He went on to reference the Ancient Egyptians and their use of hieroglyphics.


What do the Jostlers think?

Energy and excitement are running high within the JostlePlex. The engagement with their own Jostle intranet is at an all time high and cross-team communication is thriving. The platform is lit up with hundreds of multi-coloured heart emojis.

But how will customers feel?

The Customer Success team at Jostle is confident that this change is the right decision. "We work with over 400 companies across the world. Emojis are universally understood - there's no language barrier," says Sally Smith, Director of Customer Success. "Who doesn't understand the meaning behind a hot dog emoji?"

And the future?

"Business is all about watching trends, satisfying needs, and pushing boundaries. That's exactly what we're doing," says Don Wadsworth, VP of Sales at Jostle. "Don't get me wrong, I love to talk. But I just don't think we need to write words down. Ain’t nobody got time for that."

Jostle's updated platform is now available for demo and purchase. You can check it out here.

Hannah Price

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