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Dear IT: it’s not you, it’s SharePoint

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Dear IT: it’s not you, it’s SharePoint

A breakup letter from an internal communications team to their IT department asking them to end their tumultuous relationship with their SharePoint intranet.

Dear IT,

There’s something we need to talk about. We’ve been reluctant to bring this up... because we've been trying our best to make our relationship with Sharepoint work. But honestly, it’s not. The entire Comms team is tired and frustrated, and we just don't have the energy anymore. It isn't healthy. In fact, it’s pretty freaking dysfunctional.

We've been getting grief from everyone—from accounting to salesbecause they think our intranet is a joke. And they’re not wrong! Nobody reads our internal messages and people resort to email because, frankly, it’s simpler to use.

The Exec team seems to think that these communication problems are our fault! But we're trying out best. 

We want out from this draining relationship. Our SharePoint interface is complicated, hard to navigate, and full of stale information. I know it was a good idea way back when, for document management, but it's out of hand. No-one can find the files they need, and they're out of the loop with company news.

Look, we know how busy you are. You’re responsibilities are vast. We don't want to just add to the list of complaints, we want to make a change... 

We’re proposing a way out of this misery. For all of us. Please scrap SharePoint and get us an easy-to-use turnkey intranet that everyone can navigate and fall in love with. (We need something that even Deidre in HR can use).

We've taken a cheeky look at new tools; communication platforms that make posting and finding content simple and interesting. They have up-to-date organization charts with photos and bios of everyone in the company! Some even have a powerful chat tool that allows us to chat one-to-one or as a whole team. (Apparently this means we can escape the hell of reply-all emails!)

Please consider this, you stellar IT peeps. It'll make your life easier—you won’t need to monitor the platform constantly. And we’ll be out of your hair forever! Just wait and see. People will write and manage the content themselves, and others will be able to find it. Everyone will know what’s going on around the office (and they’ll stop thinking we’re just lame mouthpieces for the Execs). 

Affectionately yours,

The Internal Comms Team

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