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Dear IT: it's not you, it's SharePoint

Posted by Andrea Nazarian | 1 min read


Dear IT,

There’s something we need to talk about. We’ve been reluctant to bring this up since we’ve tried our best to make it work, but it’s just become too frustrating for us in Internal Comms. The relationship we have with SharePoint is not a happy one. In fact, it’s pretty freaking dysfunctional.

We’ve been getting grief from everyone from accounting to sales because they all think that the intranet is a joke. And they’re not wrong! Nobody reads our internal messages and people resort to email because, frankly, it’s simpler to use.

The Executive team seems to think that these communication problems are our fault but in this case, it’s really time to shoot the [SharePoint] messenger.

We want out from this draining relationship with SharePoint. The interface is complicated to navigate, hard to use, and it’s full of stale information. SharePoint might’ve been a good idea way back when for document management. But now, nobody ever has any idea what’s going or where to find anything across the country or even across the hall, for that matter.

We know how busy you are. You’re responsible for everything and you’re the ones everyone blames for everything from phone problems to payroll to customer service. We get it, it’s hard out there for IT folks.

So, we’re proposing a way out of this misery for all of us. Scrap SharePoint and give us an off-the-shelf, cloud-based intranet that’s vibrant and easy to use, navigate, and love. We want a tool that’ll let us post, schedule, and edit fresh content in real time. We want something that’ll organize all our people and information clearly so that everyone can confidently communicate with the right people at the right time. Oh, and something mobile-friendly, too.

This change will make things better for everyone, not just IT. You won’t need to monitor the platform constantly and you’ll be able to focus your time on more important projects. And we’ll be out of your hair forever! Just wait and see. People will start to read and comment on the content posted. They’ll start to know what’s going on around the office and they’ll stop thinking we’re just lame mouthpieces for the Executive team. Best of all, everyone will stop blaming you for everything!

Think about how great this could be for all of us. So, please, won’t you stand up for us and let us both off the SharePoint hook?

Affectionately yours,

Your Internal Comms team


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