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About Bev Attfield

Bev is the Director of Tactical Marketing at Jostle.

9 simple employee engagement ideas

Engaged employees are a cornerstone of successful companies. With higher levels of productivity and creativity, engaged employees are invaluable to a company's bottom line and healthy workplace culture. In this article, we share nine actionable ways from Tanmay Vora to increase engagement rates in your workplace.

5 tips for leaders to build trust

Recent research by Edelman reveals that almost a third of employees don’t trust their employer. That’s a big chunk of the workforce, and its impact can’t be ignored. So what can you do as a leader to build trust with your employees?

The key to intranet success for any organization

Social intranets or enterprise social networks usually fail. But when they meet the real workplace needs of individual employees, they deliver amazing levels of employee engagement and productivity. Find out how wildly different companies can succeed with an intranet that puts people first.

6 steps for introducing technology into the workplace

People don’t like change. That’s especially evident inside the workplace, particularly when it comes to technology. Here are six tips to help you build more bridges than barriers when you introduce a new technology.

Five for Friday: Building workplace culture

Building and sustaining a workplace culture that aligns with your organization's character and business needs can be difficult. In today’s Five for Friday we explore what workplace culture is, why it matters, and how to build it.

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