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Xero chooses Jostle to connect a global team

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Xero chooses Jostle to connect a global team

Xero, creator of cloud-based accounting software, has deployed the Jostle intranet to connect their global team.

Xero is a rapidly growing technology ‘unicorn’ that develops cloud-based accounting software for small and medium-sized businesses. From its base in New Zealand, Xero has established a global business with over 1,600 people across five countries. Workplace culture is important at Xero. But their growth and global dispersion were making it harder to communicate, share values, and celebrate success. It was also becoming difficult to find people and information. Xero chose the Jostle® intranet to solve these challenges.

The Jostle platform neatly wraps around everything to create a structure that reflects Xero’s business and people. It seamlessly integrates with Xero’s existing applications such as G Suite and Workday, provides the pieces that are missing in their current tools, and offers a great mobile interface. Most of all, the Jostle platform is helping keep people at the heart of Xero to enable, support, and propagate their very people-centric culture.

“We've been really impressed by how the Jostle platform has created a really positive framework. It's become a core part of our operating infrastructure.”

Rod Drury, CEO - Xero

The Jostle platform was introduced to help formalize the channels of communication and to provide a common place for Xero’s people and culture to thrive, be identified, and be unified. Xero is using the Jostle platform for three key communication purposes: discovering, sharing, and informing.

With communication at the core, each of these purposes is tied to their overall goal of improving contact, knowledge, interaction, and recognition across Xero’s dispersed global operations. We’ve captured details of Xero’s growth and use of the Jostle intranet in this case study.

Xero continues to place people - their individual interests, strengths, and capabilities - firmly at the centre of their business. And we continue to provide the framework that allows them to share, communicate, and live their culture. We’re proud and excited to be an integral part of Xero’s daily operations. 


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