An internal website employees actually use

By Bev Attfield

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An internal website employees actually use
Illustration by Matt Rayner

Most companies regard their internal websites (or intranets) as mission critical, but they seldom work. Employees typically don’t use them because they’re cluttered with outdated content, are hard to navigate, and don’t engage users. We’re out to change this. Jostle’s intranet platform makes it easy for companies to create internal websites that employees actually want to use.

Organizations around the world using the Jostle® intranet are seeing the benefits of enthused employee participation, which has helped them revitalize their corporate cultures and better align teams. In a globally competitive world, it’s more important than ever that internal websites work. Employees need a clear understanding of what’s happening around them, together with the ability to see where they fit in the organization and who’s available to support them.

an internal website employees will actually use

The key to Jostle’s powerful approach is focusing on people rather than the traditional practice of starting with a content repository. “The Jostle intranet is designed to enable employees in a simple and elegant way – to bring the connections, content, and context they need into clear view,” said Brad Palmer, Jostle’s CEO. “People collaborate, not content. We provide quick access to the information employees need to get work done.”

The Jostle platform is focused on simple, people-centric views like:

  • News: Keep informed about the latest happenings in the organization. It also provides a simple way for everyone to recognize the contributions of others.
  • Activity: Activity is the pulse of your organization. It’s made up of short posts, shout-outs, job anniversaries, and more.
  • Events: Create and promote events that are organization-wide, or tied to specific teams or locations.
  • People: A fun, just-people view that brings up all the faces in the organization according to location, function or expertise.
  • Discussions: Enterprise-grade chat that enables private conversations, confidential team discussions, and open “town hall” type forums.   
  • Library: Delivers files and videos in easy-to-curate volumes that are simple to navigate.
  • Teams: Teams provides interactive org charts that can represent any org structure, including projects, committees, and “communities of practice”. 
  • Tasks: Create, track, and manage your personal to-do list. Or add team members and set a due date to tackle tasks as a team. Tasks is where you and your people get work done.
  • Classifieds: A place for employees to offer, sell, or exchange things. Classifieds can also be renamed and repurposed for things.

Watch our product tour:

Combined, these views deliver the information employees need in a simple, work-relevant way. This leads to high levels of employee engagement: most of our customers have over 85% employee participation. We think that's worth talking about!


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