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Five for Friday: Micromanaging

Whether you're a micromanager or work with one, it's important to understand micromanagers' characteristics in order to collaborate with them harmoniously and efficientlyIn this week's Five for Friday, we explore micromanagement in the workplace.  

Awesome ways to launch your intranet for long-term engagement

Once you’ve chosen an intranet platform that improves how your organization’s people operate, communicate, and collaborate, how do you get your people excited about it? Read on to learn about how the Jostle Awards 2015 Finalists in the Coolest Launch Asset of the Year category really let their colors shine with their creative intranet launch events and assets.

The future of employee engagement

Despite the arrival of new tools and technologies, organizations are still finding it challenging to engage their workforces. This is because people are people, and they bring the same set of needs to the workplace that they always have. The future of employee engagement rests not on tools, but on organizations meeting the core human needs of people in the workplace.

Five for Friday: Changing workplace culture

Corporate culture can have a major impact on employees' quality of work and mental wellbeing in the workplace. While a positive culture can inspire people to put their best work forward, a toxic company culture can and should be changed. In today's Five for Friday, we look at some interesting insights on how to navigate changing organizational culture.

Making meetings more efficient

Understanding the need for efficiency in meetings, the team at Meeteor knows that managers are busy people and can’t always be present in every single meeting. Meeteor’s Tai Tsao outlines some simple but effective strategies both managers and employees can use to get the most out of meetings they aren’t able to attend.


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