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Five for Friday: Workplace inspiration

Today’s Five for Friday is all about inspiration in the workplace. We've gathered a few great articles with ideas to help you inspire and be inspired.

Heyday: a digital workplace from the get go

Heyday is disrupting the traditional spa industry with their simple and affordable approach to facial services. They started with a digital workplace, where operations, brand, and culture are enabled and optimized by technology. The Jostle® intranet is helping Heyday achieve their brand, culture, and communication objectives. Check out this case study on how this vibrant company is putting their best face forward.

Five for Friday: Positivity in the workplace

Fostering positivity in the workplace has many benefits for individuals as well as organizations. Today’s Five for Friday looks at ways to be more positive and why it matters. 

How workplace design impacts employee engagement

Although the nature of work is changing, many employees still spend a significant amount of time in a physical place of work. What impact do these workspaces have on employee engagement, well-being, and culture? We explore this with the help of Alan Hancock of Space at Work.

An internal website employees actually use

Most companies regard their internal websites (or intranets) as mission critical, but they seldom work. We’re out to change this. We've created a platform that makes it easy for companies to create intranets that employees actually want to use. Too good to be true? Read on!

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