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About Brad Palmer

Can an intranet help leaders lead?

Your intranet should be helping leaders lead and engaging employees. Here's how. 

What is leadership?

Defining leadership is extremely tricky. Our CEO, Brad Palmer, has written this clear and comprehensive article on the topic. 

What does role clarity have to do with leadership? Everything.

The America's Cup wrapped up with an astonishing victory by Emirates Team New Zealand. Crystal clear role clarity is bringing them win after win, and there’s no reason it can’t do the same for your business. Here are three leadership lessons to help you navigate your way to success.


7 reasons why you need a mobile intranet

Workplaces have become more dispersed and workdays less defined. Now that work gets done everywhere, anytime, mobile-enabled intranets have become mission critical. In this blog article, we take a look at a handful of compelling reasons why you need a mobile intranet.

Want to grow fast? Become a digital workplace early

Rapid growth can be challenging for many organizations. Lean thinking can overcome internal barriers to growth by implementing a series of small improvements. Introducing digital tools, such as a great intranet, is one way to make such continuous improvement possible. Read on to learn what this looks like in practice.

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